Vaccines for everyone, everywhere

We hope you will join in by donating or fundraising

A&O has teamed up with the Covid-19 vaccination fundraising campaign Go Give One to help vaccinate the world, prioritising those who need vaccines the most. The A&O Foundation has donated £50,000 to kickstart the firm's fundraising.

Together we win against COVID-19

COVID-19 is affecting us all in ways that are very personal. Each and every individual, company and community has their own story.

But while COVID-19 still rages, there are no winners. This virus knows no boundaries. We can only be free when everyone is protected.

We’re harnessing the collective power of people everywhere to help vaccinate everyone - no matter where they work or live.

This isn’t the time to go it alone.

Become a Go Give One Fundraiser

Now’s the time to mobilise your friends, family and colleagues to Go Give One. Together, we can help deliver vaccines to everyone, everywhere and win the fight against COVID-19. Start fundraising today to play your part in making the world a safer place for all.

A global solution to a local problem

About Go Give One

Go Give One is a COVID-19 fundraising campaign with no borders. Created by the WHO Foundation, the campaign calls on everyone, everywhere to play their part in helping to vaccinate the world.

Where does your money go?

The money raised goes to the Gavi COVAX AMC, which funds COVID-19 vaccines for lower-income countries, helping protect those who need vaccines the most.

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